3 Stunning Winter Wedding Themes

Posted on January 11, 2017

Your limo is waitingBeing a limousine company that works in MA and NH who has been in business for years, we have watched hundreds of happy couples tie the knot. Being a part of the big day is exciting and an honor, and we have picked up on some winter wedding themes over the years while working with couples that we think are both beautiful and unique.

White, silver, and soft pinks

Winter weddings tend to use a variety of fresh colors and tones, such as white and silver. This icy theme reflects the tones we see outside, but adding a touch of a warm color similar to a soft, rosy pink can tie the tones together to create a beautiful and unique look for your big day.


Bringing the outdoors to the forefront for a summer wedding is pretty standard, but what about utilizing the different textures we see outside in the winter? Woods and wood tones capture the few elements we can see during the snowy season, and it looks fantastic.

Warm lights

The image of sitting by a cozy fireplace on a chilly evening is comfortable and ideal, and many people love to transfer this feeling to their wedding day. Warm lighting, whether created with candles or electric string lights, quickly heats any room and creates an intimate setting.

Though planning out these themes can be extensive, one of the easiest decisions you can make is deciding to rent your wedding limousine in MA or NH with A-Executive Limo. Not only do we offer a variety of packages that can fit your needs, but our chauffeurs are also trained to ensure you get to and from your wedding locations quickly and safely.

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