A limo scavenger hunt can be a great adventure

Posted on May 28, 2015

Limousine in Massachusetts form A-ExecutiveHow often have you been looking for something totally different to do or to experience with your family or friends? Getting in touch with your local limousine service and asking about their limo scavenger hunts just may be the perfect idea for that special gathering of family or friends.

  • Your limo scavenger hunt can be a great alternative for any event from a girl’s night out to a bachelor or bachelorette party to a sweet sixteen celebration. Want to celebrate a friend’s promotion at work or your bowling team winning the championship? A limo scavenger hunt may just be the ticket to a memorable celebration. It takes the old and well loved game to a new level and can provide some daring excitement and adventure for everyone that none will soon forget.
  • Once you have decided upon the items to be hunted, it will be easier if you tell all of the players that all they need to do is take a picture of the item when found. You can give each limo a camera or someone can use their cell phone to keep a record of the hunt.
  • Try and put things on your list that people are likely to bump into while they are riding around. Some suggestions may be a certain building in town or perhaps a stop sign, a police car, or someone walking their dog. Make sure you have a time limit for when everyone must return to the designated rendezvous point.
  • If you are heading out for a day or night of fun and adventure, incorporate all of that into the scavenger hunt. Make people return with restaurant or bar menus or receipts. Make them return with movie stubs or some evidence they were at the spa or the nail salon. If it is going to be a shopping hunt, put specific items on the list like a man’s blue t-shirt, a lipstick or a specific book from a bookstore. Be creative and use your imagination and your special limousine scavenger hunt can be an affair to remember.