Do you really need a car seat in a limo?

Posted on October 22, 2015

Limo in Massachusetts from A-ExecutiveOne question that may come up when you are thinking of getting a limo for your special occasion is will you be bringing a baby or a small child along? If so, what are the requirements, if any with regard to children and child safety seats?

  • The first thing you need to know about limousines is that they are classified as commercial types of vehicles. Because of that, they are not held to the same requirements that private vehicles are. While your private car must have a child safety seat up to a certain age, commercial vehicles are not required to provide such safety features and equipment for children.
  • Because of these regulations, many parents are rightly concerned with the safety of holding their child while the limo is being driven. Crash test research has shown time and again that a child can be flung from your arms in a collision at only 6 MPH. Studies have concluded that any child under the height of 4’9” is just too small for a regular passenger seat. Even if you restrain them with a seatbelt, they can still fly out from underneath it.
  • Most limo companies do, however, have child safety seats and you can certainly reserve one for your trip. You just need to let them know the size you will need and the limo company will accommodate you. When you do, however, ask the limo company for the brand of seat that it is so you can go online and check it out. Also, ask for the expiration date on the seat so you will know if it is still safe.
  • Even if you have to, bring your own seat that you always use. If that makes you more comfortable, the limo company will certainly oblige and will probably even store it for you for safekeeping until you return from a trip.