Tips for making prom night that night to remember

Posted on April 9, 2015

Prom night has always been, traditionally, one of those memorable events in everyone’s life. There is a great flurry of motion from booking the limo service to getting that special tux to securing the perfect dress and shoes. There are some strategies, however, that will make your night the safe and memorable occasion you hope it will be.

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  • Prom events these days are open to all who wish to attend and enjoy the event. If you are asked, however, it is always best to take the other person’s feelings into consideration. No one likes rejection and it is always painful so be gentle and considerate if you have to turn someone down.
  • Make sure you plan out who will be paying for what. There is much involved in your special night from the limo service, including the driver’s tip, to restaurants to flowers. If you are going with a group, it would be helpful for everyone to split some of the more appropriate expenses. Other than that, it would be prudent to let everyone know that everyone is paying their own way.
  • Dress appropriate to the occasion. When in doubt, go conservative. Also, you know that the parents will be highly involved in the entire event from start to finish. They will want to be in on the planning. They will also want to meet everyone and, of course, there will be tons of photos taken. Just remember that, believe it or not, they are as excited as you are so it won’t kill you to indulge them a bit.
  • Choose a safe and populated place for the after prom excitement. Make sure you keep your limo service for the entire evening and post evening. This will ensure that everyone gets home safely. Many after prom options can include the after party at your school, the beach, a fancy restaurant, or even bowling. Remember that this should be night to remember because of the great time you had so put your best behavior and manners on display. It will be appreciated by everyone.