What makes for a really great chauffer?

Posted on October 19, 2015

Limo in Massachusetts from A-ExecutiveWhat really separates a good driver or chauffer from a great one? All of them will show up on time and be well dressed and usually well mannered. But, there are a few things you should take note of what truly separates the great professionals from those who are just doing a job.

  • A great chauffer, as opposed to just a simple driver, will display a quiet air of confidence. They will never brag about celebrity clients or how well tipped they generally tend to be. They will be a most proper gentleman or lady. This is not easy to find in this day in age. These people will be in confident charge and your trip or event will run so smoothly you will hardly even give them a second thought. That’s what they strive for. Your enjoyment rather than anxiety over a less than competent driver is what makes their day.
  • A great chauffer, as opposed to just a limo driver, will be in complete control of their vehicle and will maintain their professionalism at all times. Often, guests will ask the driver to all do manner of ridiculous things. The truly great chauffer remains in charge and exudes their professionalism and understands that the safety of the vehicle, and the guests, as well as the reputation of the company, must always take precedence.
  • For the great ones, it’s not a job, it’s a profession. They show up on time and impeccably dressed. They don’t take risks with their vehicles or with their guests. They remain above reproach at all times. They don’t care what might be expedient. Their integrity is far more important to them.
  • They can accurately read and respond properly to each and every individual client. They don’t treat 16 year olds as young men because they know that, at 16, they are middle aged boys. They instinctively understand all of their guests and know that every one is to be treated with respect and value. When approached, the great ones are always speaking well of the company and their profession. They know that teamwork and a cooperative approach will work well for everyone all of the time.